Changing the Rules

Episode 09: Guests Shelly O'Donovan & Matt Siegel

Episode Summary

Do you ever feel that you're speaking and no one is getting the message? Shelly O'Donovan is Master of Influence & CEO of Authentic Influence Group. Her mission is to help individuals learn how to both deliver and receive messages as speakers, presenters, executives, employers, and more. Through body language, learned focus, and training in reading others, she teaches people how to cultivate authentic influence. Shelly teaches Persuasive Speaking to undergrads and graduates students at The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. Matt Siegel, principal of Millstone River Wealth Management, joins us again to continue his conversation on goal-based planning and how to communicate with clients in order to provide the direction and service needed to realize their goals. Shelly and Matt join a lively and informative discussion on body language, communication and so much more.

Episode Notes

Shelly O'Donovan: Authentic Influence Group - Illuminate the Message



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