Changing the Rules

Episode 14: Fitness Over 40 and Legacies, Guests Nicole Simonin and Bryan Matsinger

Episode Summary

What a fun podcast today! We spoke about two seemingly unrelated topics but there was common ground. Our guest, Bryan Matsinger shared about a family trust called Next Door that meets financial need on a local level, whether it is paying for auto repairs so a breadwinner can go to work, or paying a lunch program for a needy family, this family trust is demonstrating family values and continuing the tradition by including grandchildren in the process. Nicole Simonin is a personal trainer. Her business, Shape It Up Fitness, is largely conducted online, so there are no limits to accessibility. Nicole focuses on healthy eating, exercise, and perhaps most importantly, on the mental aspect of why we do or don't eat properly or exercise even though we know we should. Tune in to learn more about these two fascinating concepts and also to find out what the common ground was that had us all laughing!

Episode Notes

Bryan Matsinger:


Nicole Simonin:

Ray Loewe: